March 07, 2007

Salami Coronets

Sometimes you just want a good snack. Everyone's gone to bed. Time to hit the recliner, pour a good drink, and TIVO up a good program, or pop in a DVD. When I get those rare moments, I don't usually want to spend a lot of time on the prep. So one night, watching Emeril, he was doing a whole show on late night snacks. He made these Salami coronets, (That's what he called them, I'd have called them something much more sophisticated, like probably -- salami rolled up with cheese) One of the things he mentioned, that I've taken to doing, was that he kept a container of this cheese in his fridge. It's the simplest stuff in the world to throw together, and it's handy to have around. I've used it on genoa salami, hard salami, and pepperoni, and I've stuffed it into olives. It would also make a good stuffing for jalapenos. It's just:

1 8oz container of Ricotta cheese
1 8oz pkg of cream cheese
Some chopped chives
some chopped basil (or oregano)

Mix all that together until it's blended real well, then go find stuff to smear it on. Makes an excellent accompaniment to a classic Clint Eastwood flick, or a black-and-white Bogart picture.


Mimi said...

That is our kind of TV snack! Especially since I'm watching carbs and trying to convince my DH to do the same.

I like Emeril's stuff. I'll admit I've never watching him start to end, as I'm not in control of the controller but, I've been intrigued and looked up his recipes online

Charles said...


It's really one of my favorites. I usually have to TiVO Emeril and whatch him after everyone's gone to bed.

Lisa said...

How funny! My husband makes these all the time. He just uses plain cream cheese, though. But he rolls it up in salami just like that. When I'm going to eat them, I like to get whipped Philly with chives in it. So good!

Sandy said...

these are awesome!!! but, when we make them we use a dill pickle slice, and the cream cheese, and the hard salami!!! Soooo GOOD!!! Try it!! You will love it!!!