May 18, 2007

Not Dead, just busy

Well, sorry for the prolonged absence, folks. It's been not quite 2 months since my last post. The problem, quite simply stated, is that real life interfered with cyber-hobbies the last 2 months. But it hasn't been a total wash -- we've been doing a fair amount of cooking, and for the last 2 weeks, planting our ingredients for the mid to late summer.
I think I probably rushed the season a bit, but the herbs and most of the vegetables look like they're going to make it. I'll post some pictures tomorrow, but for now, I can tell you I put cilantro, oregano, basil, tarragon, thyme and rosemary in the herb garden, -- and I have some room left for some chives, scallions, and / or garlic. Over in the veggie patch, we have two varieties of tomato, some onions, some cucumbers, and my counter is holding 10 chile pepper plants, (3 varieties; Anaheims, Poblanos, and Serranos) and 2 tomatillo plants. I hope to put the tomatillos and 7 of the peppers in the ground tomorrow, if it's dried out enough. The other 3 chiles go to my sister. Believe it or not, every nursery I tried around here had the same 6 varieties of chile peppers, none of which I prefer. So I ended up having to order them. I found a site online, called "The Chile Woman" that has tons of chiles. You can't order online, you have to print out the order form, and mail it to her. But she said she ships on Mondays, and only between May 1 and June 30. I sent my order on April 30, and the plants arrived on may 15, in great shape. I'm quite pleased. If any of you are having trouble finding the precise chiles you want, I encourage you to check out the chile woman. Garden pics tomorrow.


Mimi said...

I was a little worried.

But I was also on vacation, and have been MIA lately.

Good to see you back.

Julie said...

I thought perhaps you'd given up blogging. Good to see you haven't.

Hope said...

Haha Dad you're funny.

Love the site.

Love you,