February 11, 2007

A desperate plea to Grocers

This isn't a recipe. It's more of a rant. I'm planning to post a recipe tomorrow for Lumpia. Lumpia is kind of a Filipino eggroll. I was introduced to it when we lived in San Diego, and I love the stuff. They're typically a bit longer and thinner than Chinese eggrolls.
Anyways, I kept forgetting to pick up egg roll wrappers. And I also needed some cabbage and green onions. So I went to our local grocery to get the items I was missing, and while I was reaching for the green onions, the spritzer went off. That brings me to my plea.
If you are a grocer, or the manager of a grocery -- please, Please, PLEASE -- stop soaking the produce!! I don't know where this absurd practice started, but it really needs to stop. Water doesn't make produce fresher. Nobody believes you just brought it in from the field out back, still holding the morning dew. One grocery store I frequent even plays a recording of thunder, and flashes some lights before the spritzer goes off. Like I'm witnessing a thunder-mist-storm. How empty headed do you think I am?
The only thing wet produce does, is spoil faster. Which is why I think they soak it. So I have to buy it more often.
Alright, --my apologies readers, tomorrow I'll tell you about our lumpia, but this evening, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now I feel a bit better. Until I have to buy more produce, at least.


ChrisB said...

Luckily we don't have this issue in the UK well at least not where I shop.

Mimi said...

I'm with you on that, Charles. I guess they think the dewy look sells. I heard the other day that one of my local grocery stores has a mold problem in its produce department — don't know if that is true or not — but I suppose the spray is the reason.

Besides, it keeps spraying me.

Julie said...

My first experience with a produce spritzer was several years ago when I was reaching for some produce just as the spritzer came on. I was so startled I actually gasped and pulled back, much to the amusement of the shopper next to me.

However, maybe if I'd heard thunder first I wouldn't have been so startled by the spritzer. (I'm having a good laugh at the idea of a thunder-mist-storm.)

Charles said...

chrisb -- Add that to your list of blessings that come with being British. And pray it never catches on across the pond.

julie -- I think it was Safeway that staged the storm. (not sure)

mimi -- It must sell. I'm a firm believer that a business that size wouldn't invest in a system like that unless they had pretty solid data to prove that it would increase sales. Maybe I should direct my plea to the shoppers instead of the grocers? hmmm.